The Secrets of Layering a Shot

I bet you didn’t know that when it comes to Layering a shot both the glass and the layering device play an important role. In fact, most of the people love to serve shots at a party or an event but hardly understand how to layer a drink with different ingredients in it.
Layering shots can be fun; you can make a drink look complicated yet stunning. Imagine putting different shades to a drink. Wouldn’t that make your experience of consuming it much more pleasurable? Here are a few secrets to layering a great shot for your party.


  • Choose different liquor varieties and if required some different syrups to make your drink more intriguing: You can use light cream for layering the shots. Syrups and other ingredients give great balance to the drink and add texture. Always try to contrast the adjacent layers, for example: you can try layering opaque liquor with a colorful one.
  • Determine gravity of the liquor and use it to form layer: Different types of liquors have different gravity. A gravity chart of different liquors should be referred to before forming the layers.
  • Determine the volume of each ingredient you use: Volume of the ingredients play an important role, not only to add symmetry to the layers but also to balance the flavors in the drink.

Keep In Mind: When it comes to layering and understanding the gravity of liquor, there is a secret rule of thumb. Most of the syrups have high sugar content and less of alcohol, therefore they tend to sit at the bottom, while, liquors with low sugar content and high alcohol tend to be at the top.

You should always opt for a shot glass that has a shorter mouth. Wider-mouth glasses usually require a lot more patience. Try putting your glass into the fridge before serving.

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Give Shot Glass Favors As the Perfect Party Gift

You have a party at your place. It could be a wedding party, graduation party, theme party, Halloween party or a party for no particular reason. You have taken care of the food, decoration, invitations and now you think you are ready for that big planned party. But wait! Did you remember the party favors? Well, here we are talking about the Shot Glass Favors. Most of us tend to overlook or forget, including Shot Glass Favors when hosting a party. Prevent yourself from doing so and serve the best of drinks so as to become the most welcoming host.

Shot Glass – A Perfect Party Material
A shot glass is inexpensive and looks great. Imagine a shot of cocktail sitting in a frosted shot glass, would it look beautiful? Well, yes!! Shot glasses come in several shapes and variety. Some glasses are frosty and the others have beautiful print on them. Some people will put a candle in them and use them as table showpiece.

Creativity Can Be Mesmerizing
If you wish to be creative enough, you can always buy a plain shot glass and get a customized print on it. Such customized prints look great and are extremely presentable. What could be better than sitting with your loved ones and friends and toasting a shot glass with your personalized message engraved on it?

Make Your Wedding Memorable  
A shot glass favor can turn out to be the best way to guarantee that your wedding party is remembered for years to come. Imagine gifting your departing guests with a set of beautifully frosted shot glass having your and your fiancé’s name embedded on it! Wouldn’t that be just amazing? When it comes to party favors, Shot glasses work like a charm. Seize that perfect moment with a beautiful shot glass and make your guests smile.

When it comes to neatly layering liquors in a shot, Shot Stacker™ provides a visually stunning shooter that will simply drive your friends crazy. Visit its website and get to know about Shot Glasses, Party Shooters, Drink Recipes and much more.

Serve Your Guests Drinks In Layered Shots This Halloween

Spooky Halloween is all about eating, drinking and doing all sorts of eerie and sinister things. Whether you are planning to throw a graveyard party in the backyard of your home or an apparition soiree in the office, you would definitely be coddling all sorts of haunting drinks to your guests. This Halloween, impress your guests by serving them Halloween cocktails and vampires’ drinks in the most elegant style.

Serve Multiple Drinks In One Glass: Layered shots are very enigmatic in nature, just right for any Halloween party. There is variety of Halloween drinks. Some of these are blood red and some dark as witches’ gowns. You can serve your guests with Black Martini, Bloody Rum Punch, Bloody-tini, Devil’s Handshake, and Corpse Reviver in one layered glass without mixing all the drinks. Your guests would surely get impressed to see multiple drinks in one glass.

Garnish Your Drink Recipes with Novelties: You can even garnish the drinks with eye balls, scary dolls, brews, snakes, etc. Halloween is a time to show creativity. You can fill the layered shots with mysterious looking food creatures; your guests would be entertained and surprised to find the ghastly additions underneath every drink in one glass.

Layered Glasses Look Elegant: Layered shots add an elegant and classy air to the party. So if you are looking to throw a classy and royal bash for your guests without compromising on the fun and frolic involved in Halloween, layered shots would be a good idea.

Get Creative With Layered Shots: You can  have a separate section where you can have some ladies dressed up as witches stirring different cauldrons filled with variety of cocktails and from there the guests can ask the witches to prepare a layered shot for them. You can do many such similar things with these glasses. So invite every goblin, ghoul, vampire, zombie and spirit to your party this Halloween and serve them with layered drinks.

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