A Brief History of Shot Glasses

A shot glass is used for alcohol intake and also for measuring drinks. The term was coined in 1940s and was penned down by Oxford English Dictionary. The word shot was spelled as ‘Schott’ before being spelled ‘shot’. Shot glasses have also been called with more than one name such as ‘pony’ or ‘jigger’ in the past. If one goes back in the history, one would encounter many different versions of the stories surrounding how shot glasses actually came into being.

Tracing back the history it has been evident that shot glasses were profusely used for drinking grappa. It has been found that the shot glasses have been part of Italian society for more than two centuries. The folks who drank from the shots sipped the liquor slowly savouring the liquor to the fullest.

According to some folklore, these glasses have had their journey of evolution and incarnation. In late nineteenth century, there were small glasses that were used by people for drinking whisky. The majority of distilleries in America came up with the idea of automating these whisky glasses with embedded advertisements, designs and pictures. This is how shots came into existence.

There is another tale. It is believed that it was New York Times publication that first coined the name ‘shot glass’ in 1940s. It was in fact a tricky attempt to put a limitation on the liquor consumption by playing with the psychology of the people. Soon, Americans got used to the term and observing how many shots they consumed in a day. Elite class in New York also developed its etiquette regarding the number of shots that one should drink in social gatherings and that were acceptable.

There are many other legendry stories that surround around the origin of shot glasses. According to some the shot glasses first originated in Old West Saloons. It has been found that some customers used to exchange bullets for shots of liquor. Some other tale encompassing the shot glasses is that these were being embellished on the dinner tables for the purpose of putting lead shot of the meat. There have also been interpretations that the shots were being used for holding quills of the pens.

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How to Have a James Bond Body While Still Enjoying Alcohol

Crooning sloshed near the window, Fleming’s hero James Bond, could enchant bevy of damsels with his enviable physique but how many tipsy dandies can do it outside a novel or a film? Can somebody have a striking physique while profusely indulging in drinking habits? There are certain ways one can have the inspiring physique of James Bond while still enjoying his Adam’s ale, alcohol.

Certain foods add more calories to alcohol: Alcohol is considered to have approximately seven calories per gram and both vodka and beer have the same amount of calories. So, what drink you are sipping does not matter as much but what you take with that drink can make a lot of difference to your demeanour.

It is advised to refrain from juices and sugar with alcohol as these would add up to more calories to your glass of alcohol. Also, make little changes to your drinking habits. You can replace your whisky coke with diet coke.

Avoid meal after drinking: After the consumption of alcohol the body fights to retain the homeostasis and disposes the consumed alcohol. The body gradually works to burn all the calories gifted to it by alcohol. After that it burns the fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The piece of information is enlightening for all health zealots. Everything that you eat after boozing gets burned after the alcohol has completely gone from the body. So, if you wish to retain the benefits of the nutritious foods, don’t eat them immediately after consuming alcohol.

Drink a lot of water: Alcohol is known to make the body dehydrated. So, drink a lot of water. This time the emphasis is on water. It would also help you to combat the hangovers that you would be waking up with in the morning after you have painted the town the whole night with shots of your favourite alcohol.

Alcohol also lowers down the sugar levels leaving one very hungry. So, drink alcohol accordingly so that you have enough time to hit the gym after you had your plate replete with sumptuous food.

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Creating Drink Menus For A Cocktail Party

A cocktail party means some exclusive drinks. Beer and wine alone will simply not do at a Cocktail party.  Guests are looking for something more unique.  It is best to offer some exotic Drink Recipes to make your cocktail party the most memorable one.

Some Must-Have Drink Recipes For A Cocktail Party:

  • Blood Sucker Halloween Cocktail – Planning a dark Halloween theme with the blood-sucking clan of vampires? Then this should be at the top of your menu. The drink is orange in color and a stream of either strawberry or raspberry flows down the glass, which indeed gives the look of blood.
  • Blue Zombie – Channel a Zombie color.  The blue color of the drink pleases the eye. And the drink made from Blue Curacao Liqueur, Light Rum, Cream of Coconut Liqueur and Pineapple Juice chills the soul. .
  • Blood-Orange Cocktails – Halloween is one of the most popular themes for a cocktail party. As the name suggests, this drink brings in a dark aura to suit the theme. And Blood-Orange Cocktail is known for its spine-chilling sips.
  • Black Devil Martini – Offering this devil adds life to any cocktail party. Dark rum mixed with hue color martini and served with black olive garnish is what is called the Black Devil Martini.
  • Mimosa – If your cocktail party is meant to be a relaxing weekend with your close friends then this is the drink to serve. Mimosa is light in color and serves the best as an alternative to ordinary champagne. 3 and 1/2 ounce of Chilled Champagne mixed with 1/2 ounce of Triple Sec and added to 1 and 1/2 ounce of orange juice makes a perfect Mimosa.

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Shot Glasses: Specialty And Types

Everybody who has been to a bar or a night club is sure to have come across Shot Glasses. Shot Glasses are typically thicker at the bottom and small in size. The main purposes for which Shot Glasses are meant are measuring and holding alcoholic drinks. Shot Glasses come in various sizes, however most are small because strong drinks are better consumed in small amounts.

Another special function of Shot Glasses is the ability to layer different drinks. The term shot comes from the meaning “to throw or strike back”.  Shots are typically thrown, or “shot” to the back of the throat.  People often confuse a shot with shooter, but they are two different things. A shot can be either a single or layered drink containing just alcohol, whereas a shooter is a mixed drink, containing more than just alcohol.  The amount of drinks consumed can be easily calculated from the number of shots taken.

What Makes Shot Glasses So Special?
What makes Shot glasses so special is the ability to create layered drinks with perfect distinction. Layering is accomplished through the science behind the different densities of the liquors being used.  The heaviest ones always go in first, and each successive layer must be lighter the previous one.  The type of Shot Glass does contribute to the process.

There Are Three Commonly Used Shot Glass Types:

  • Tall Shot Glass – Though this type of Shot Glass is called Tall Shot Glass, it does not mean that it holds more liquor than other Shot Glass varieties. The narrow appearance of Tall Shot Glass creates an illusion.
  • Short Shot Glass – Short Shot Glasses can hold 1 ounce of alcohol and they are also called “pony” glasses. They are used for both shots and shooters.
  • Fluted Shot Glass – The basic difference of Fluted Shot Glasses from other types of Shot Glasses, as the name suggests, is in having fluting shape at the bottom.

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What is a Shot Stacker?

A Shot Stacker is no less than a revolution as far as liquor presentation techniques are concerned. It is used to lend a unique presentation to your drink and it also helps in demarcating different types of liquor and keeps them from getting mixed up. It adds to the visual appeal of the drink along with aiding you in creating a drink that consists of layers of different liquor. It is a great way to lend a completely new touch to your party or get-together. The features of a Shot Stacker are listed below:

  • It gives you a chance to express your creativity by letting you prepare unique drinks by combining liquors of various densities in a single drink.
  • The uniqueness of the Shot Stacker is such that it will make even your guests want to create their individual innovative drink. They might come up with unique flavor and color combinations
  • Preparing a layered shot involves a careful method. The densest liquors being the heaviest are poured first inside the Shot Glass. The layers following the densest liquor are supposed to be lighter in comparison to the layers which precede them. The liquor on the top is the lightest among all the contents of the Shot Stacker.
  • A Shooter or a Shot can be created using a particular theme, color, taste or holiday.
  • The fun involved in creating a Shot Stacker is similar to the fun one gets when works on a science or chemistry project.

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Different Types Of Wine Glasses

A Wine Glass is integral to the presentation of Wine at events like Weddings, because it not only enhances the visual appeal of the drink but is also known to have an impact on the wine’s scent. It is possible to select a Wine Glass which complements the flavor of the wine. They give a personal touch to the wine and encourage the people at an event to raise a toast.  The types of Wine Glasses used for different wines are listed below:

  • Glasses For Red Wine : They have a wide bowl and a rounder shape in comparison to other kinds of Wine Glasses. The wider bowl facilitates oxidation. The wine undergoes a chemical reaction upon which the fragrances and the flavors are altered gently. Red wines are suited for the oxidation process. Bordeaux Glass and Burgundy Glass are the two varieties of Red Wine Glasses.
  • Bordeaux Glass : It is a tall glass that consists of a broad bowl. It is apt for full bodied wines.
  • Burgundy Glass : Burgundy Glass is broader in relation to other glasses meant for red wine. Its big bowl is capable of collecting aromas characteristic of red wines which are more delicate
  • Glasses For White Wine : These are provided with a small mouth so as to keep the oxidation rate within reasonable limits. These glasses vary immensely in shape and size. White Wines need to be oxidized only in a limited way.
  • Champagne Flutes : These glasses comprise a long stem along with a narrow bowl fixed on their top. They lend a desirable quality to the sparkling wine due to their shape. The Bowl style helps to preserve the signature carbonation of the drink.
  • Sherry Glass : It consists of a narrow taper which enhances the drink’s aroma and therefore is feasible for the presentation of alcoholic drinks that are aromatic.
  • Dessert Wine Glass : It is a small-sized glass. In order to prevent the sweetness from overwhelming the wine is directed to the mouth’s back. Alcohol is present in a high quantity in Dessert Wines. Thus, the small glass suits perfectly to serve such wine in small quantities.

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How to Make Layered Shots

Layered Shots provide one with the opportunity to innovate with drink making. They may seem simple but are extremely complex. They are prepared by floating cream, liquors and syrups one above another in consequent layers. One needs to learn some basic skills to acquire expertise in making such Shots. Below are listed a few recipes. By pouring these ingredients in a Shot Stacker in the order listed, one can prepare superb Shots:

  • Muddy Waters : It requires a single stirring of Kahlua, Baileys and Vodka
  • Butter Ball : It consists of Butterscotch and Grand Marnier
  • Mud Slide :  A Mud Slide contains Kahlua, Baileys and Vodka.
  • Girl Scout Cookie : It consists of Dk Cr de Cacao, Wh Cr de Menthe and Baileys
  • B-52 on a Mission : It contains Kahlua, Baileys, Jagermeister and Vodka.
  • Cement Mixer : A Cement Mixer consists of Baileys and a little Lime Juice
  • B-52 : It contains Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier
  • Russian Quaalude : It contains Frangelica, Baileys and Vodka in the same order.
  • Screaming Orgasm : It consists of Kahlua, Amaretto, Baileys and Vodka
  • Orgasm : The components in this drink include Kahlua, Amaretto and Baileys.
  • Power Slide : Power Slide contains Kahlua, Baileys and Jagermeister in consecutive layers.
  • Power Mud Slide : It is made up of layers of Kahlua, Baileys, Jagermeister and Vodka.

A few pointers that may aid you in preparing Layered Shots include:

  • You can combine a number of syrups and liquors to come up with an impressive Layered Shot
  • You must know the particular gravities of various liquors before preparing the drink so that you pour the heavier ingredient first followed by the lighter liquors with lower specific gravities
  • You will have to measure the different liquors before pouring them in the shot glass.
  • It is also important to prevent the ingredients from splashing by pouring them carefully into the Layered Shot Glass.

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