Creating Drink Menus For A Cocktail Party

A cocktail party means some exclusive drinks. Beer and wine alone will simply not do at a Cocktail party.  Guests are looking for something more unique.  It is best to offer some exotic Drink Recipes to make your cocktail party the most memorable one.

Some Must-Have Drink Recipes For A Cocktail Party:

  • Blood Sucker Halloween Cocktail – Planning a dark Halloween theme with the blood-sucking clan of vampires? Then this should be at the top of your menu. The drink is orange in color and a stream of either strawberry or raspberry flows down the glass, which indeed gives the look of blood.
  • Blue Zombie – Channel a Zombie color.  The blue color of the drink pleases the eye. And the drink made from Blue Curacao Liqueur, Light Rum, Cream of Coconut Liqueur and Pineapple Juice chills the soul. .
  • Blood-Orange Cocktails – Halloween is one of the most popular themes for a cocktail party. As the name suggests, this drink brings in a dark aura to suit the theme. And Blood-Orange Cocktail is known for its spine-chilling sips.
  • Black Devil Martini – Offering this devil adds life to any cocktail party. Dark rum mixed with hue color martini and served with black olive garnish is what is called the Black Devil Martini.
  • Mimosa – If your cocktail party is meant to be a relaxing weekend with your close friends then this is the drink to serve. Mimosa is light in color and serves the best as an alternative to ordinary champagne. 3 and 1/2 ounce of Chilled Champagne mixed with 1/2 ounce of Triple Sec and added to 1 and 1/2 ounce of orange juice makes a perfect Mimosa.

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Drinks For The Perfect Party

Drinks have a way of making any type of party come alive. Parties are essential to relax and freshen up, and leave all worries behind. The type of drink served is a key factor to any parties success. In fact, a party becomes perfect with perfect choice of drinks. One option to spice things up is serving high quality shots or shooters.  A fun and colorful shot can leave a long lasting impression with your party guests.

The Common Drinks Served at Parties:

  • Champagne – Party celebrations without Champagne sound a bit incomplete. Opening a Champagne bottle marks the opening of a celebration. .
  1.  Prestige cuvee
  2. Blanc de noirs
  3. Rosé Champagne are three main types of Champagne.
  • Beer – Many people prefer to drink light, so having beer as an option is always a wise decision. Some different beer varieties to try are:
  1. Banana beer
  2. Gluten-free beer
  3. Millet beer
  4. Corn beer
  5. Malt beer
  6. Smoked beer
  • Wine – Wine is always the choice for the bunch who loves to enjoy drinks slowly. Wine also brings class to any party. Fruit wine is the most popular type and it has many varieties. Other than that two other wines are also popular, which are:
  1. Rice wine
  2. Barley wine
  • Distilled Spirits – Distilled Spirits are also called hard liquors. Serving Distilled Spirits add flair to your party. The most popular distilled spirits are:
  1.  Vodka
  2. Tequila
  3. Whisky
  4. Rum
  5. Gin

After deciding what style of drinks to serve to make your party perfect, you need to consider the best suited glasses for every type of drink. Yes, every single type of drink has a specific or recommended glass style to be served in. Consider adding Shot Glasses to your serving inventory.

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Shot Glasses: Specialty And Types

Everybody who has been to a bar or a night club is sure to have come across Shot Glasses. Shot Glasses are typically thicker at the bottom and small in size. The main purposes for which Shot Glasses are meant are measuring and holding alcoholic drinks. Shot Glasses come in various sizes, however most are small because strong drinks are better consumed in small amounts.

Another special function of Shot Glasses is the ability to layer different drinks. The term shot comes from the meaning “to throw or strike back”.  Shots are typically thrown, or “shot” to the back of the throat.  People often confuse a shot with shooter, but they are two different things. A shot can be either a single or layered drink containing just alcohol, whereas a shooter is a mixed drink, containing more than just alcohol.  The amount of drinks consumed can be easily calculated from the number of shots taken.

What Makes Shot Glasses So Special?
What makes Shot glasses so special is the ability to create layered drinks with perfect distinction. Layering is accomplished through the science behind the different densities of the liquors being used.  The heaviest ones always go in first, and each successive layer must be lighter the previous one.  The type of Shot Glass does contribute to the process.

There Are Three Commonly Used Shot Glass Types:

  • Tall Shot Glass – Though this type of Shot Glass is called Tall Shot Glass, it does not mean that it holds more liquor than other Shot Glass varieties. The narrow appearance of Tall Shot Glass creates an illusion.
  • Short Shot Glass – Short Shot Glasses can hold 1 ounce of alcohol and they are also called “pony” glasses. They are used for both shots and shooters.
  • Fluted Shot Glass – The basic difference of Fluted Shot Glasses from other types of Shot Glasses, as the name suggests, is in having fluting shape at the bottom.

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